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Can you claim that you are your self or are you doing a good job of being normal?
A healthy and strong Sense of Self is what it takes to fully BE YOURSELF. Learn how to build on YOUR Sense of Self and help draw out of you the happier, healthier and more successful person you really are!
A Healthy Sense of Self: Do you have what it takes to be Your Self?

Available NOW at Amazon.com as a preview to the forthcoming Big Book on the theory of Sense of Self and what it takes to have a Healthy Sense of Self or Restore the Natural You.

Be yourself, everyone else is taken. ~Oscar Wilde

From the moment you were born, were you allowed to be yourself?
Are you REALLY being yourself? Or are you being someone you think you should be?
Have you ever considered where your “sense of self” and “who you are” came from?
Parents? Peers? Mentors? Society? The Media?
Do you even really know for certain?
We at HealthySenseOfSelf believe:
We believe a happy, peaceful life begins with a healthy sense of self. Without it, we spend our days at war with ourselves and others.
We believe we deserved to be loved and appreciated because we exist in the first place. Imagine a life of being appreciated at home, by your family, and at work.
We believe that it is always possible to discover who your natural sense of self is and to be the best you that you can be. Imagine a life that is
Please stop living first to make someone else happy and peaceful! Take some time to figure out who you are meant to be!

You only have one life to live; let’s make sure it is yours! ~ Antoinetta J. Vogels

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